A Review of Singapore Culture

Singapore is known for its multi-cultural heritage. Singapore is a very diverse country with people of different races and religions living together in harmony. Singapore has a history that can be traced back to early Chinese who settled here and built up the present society. The Chinese built a number of monuments, religious structures and even structures to mark their rule in the country.

However, there have been some major changes in the culture of Singapore. Some of the major changes include a shift to the Christian religion from the time of the Malays. The first Christian to settle here were the Portuguese who came to South Asia to trade. They brought with them their culture, which included the 'color of the four seasons' as well as the 'Singing of Bright Red Flag' as the national song. The people of Singapore have kept the traditions and culture, they have been brought up with over the years and mixed with other cultures and traditions of other countries. This has led to different races in Singapore having different customs and traditions.

As of now, there are different races in Singapore yet. These different races include Indians, Chinese, Eurasians, Malayans, Eurasians, men, women, and so on. Each of these races has its own culture and way of life. But there are some notable areas of similarity among these different races in Singapore culture.

For instance, all the different races in Singapore believe in the spirituality and godliness. In fact, religion is so common among the people here that you will find almost everyone praying at least once in a week. Even the food is reflective of this religious belief and practices. Even the different cuisines of the various races in Singapore are influenced by their own culture.

There is no doubt that different cultures will bring different flavors in food. This is very apparent in Singapore as the people here enjoy different types of cuisines. However, there are Singaporean dishes and there are Malayan dishes and so on. Singaporean food is somehow different from the food of the other races in Singapore, as they do not use noodles, rice dishes and the like.

Another thing that you must have noticed about Singaporeans is that they are very friendly. The people here welcome foreign friends with open arms and they also make friends with anyone who shows an interest in their culture. For example, foreign students in Singapore are never left alone because they are treated with great respect. There is a great sense of tolerance in this culture, unlike other cultures which do not have such a culture. Singaporean culture is based on hard work and disciplined living. It's a culture that is able to thrive despite being one of the fastest growing regions in the world today.

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